These five talented young soccer players have been invited to train in Barçelona with the world-class instructors at FC Barçelona Escola.


A small group of Moab soccer players has been invited to a soccer camp in Barcelona, Spain to train at the same academy that produced the most famous soccer player in the world, Lionel Messi. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these 5 Moab players to experience their sport at the highest level, and even more importantly for these students to travel and learn about the world beyond Moab. Find out how you can help.


Meet the players

Samuel and Israel Camey-these brothers are hard working players who listen to their coaches and give every game 100%. Rowan Phillips is a speedy player who finds his way to the goal in nearly every game. Kip Sevenoff works as a mid-fielder to distribute the ball smartly among his team mates, and Silver Turner is a talented left wing player who never gives up. These boys have made a commitment to their sport that has been rewarded with an invitation to Barcelona!


Help a Dream come true

Traveling to Spain is expensive, so their fundraising effort will need to match their training effort! The players will be making peach jam, home-made dog biscuits, holiday cookies, and selling hot chocolate this winter.